• Köşebaşı Karaköy
    Köşebaşı Karaköy, has been opened in the new popular location of İstanbul has a seating capacity of 60 with its stylish decoration and fireside grill concept. Köşebaşı Karaköy hosts its guests between 09:00-23:00 each day. Köşebaşı Karaköy, where you can have breakfast, serves ordinary Köşebaşı tastes beside hamburger, pasta and salads.
    Adress: Kemankeş Mh. Necatibey
    Cd. Gece Kuşu Sk. No: 6
    34425 Karaköy / İstanbul

    Telephone: 0212 293 19 99
    Delivery: 0212 249 15 15
  • Köşebaşı Bursa

    The new ring of Köşebaşı chain, Köşebaşı Bursa has been opened in Nilüfer, Podyum Park. Köşebaşı waiting for you with its traditinol tastes in Bursa seating capacity of 450 people, grill, VIP room and playground.

    Reservation: +90(224) 470 10 22

  • Köşebaşı Akbatı
    Akbatı - Sanayi Mah. 1655. Sok. No:73/A
    Telephone: 0212 801 45 02 – 03

    Delivery: 0212 801 45 00 – 01
  • Köşebaşı Ataşehir
    Köşebaşı has opened its new branch in Ataşehir where is the most popular location in Istanbul. Köşebaşı hosts its guests with 140 people seating capacity, "Ocakbaşı" and playroom for children. Köşebaşı is open everyday on 11:30 – 23:00 with delivery service.

    Adres: Uphill Ticaret Bloğu B7/1/34746 Ataşehir/İstanbul 0(216) 688 27 27
  • Köşebaşı Basın Ekspres
    Köşebaşı's newest branch in Istanbul opened its doors in June 2014 in Basın Ekspress.
    Köşebaşı Basın Ekspres branch has a seating capacity of 355 with its lounge bar, VIP, terrace and self-catering grill table area.
    Köşebaşı Basın Ekspres is open between 11:30 - 23:30 each day.
    Address: Bağlar Mahallesi, Yavuz Sultan Selim Cad. No:1-3, Güneşli- İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (212) 630 02 10
    Delivery Service: +90 (212) 630 02 02
  • Köşebaşı Beylikdüzü
    Köşebaşı Beylikdüzü is among the latest additions to the Köşebaşı family and is located at the entrance of the centrally located Skyport Residence (across the Migros Shopping Mall).
    The location has a wonderful fireplace and a comfortable seating capacity of 200 people.
    Köşebaşı Beylikdüzü is open between 11:30 and 23:00 each day.
    Address: Hürriyet Bulvarı, Skyport Residence No: 1/22, Beylikdüzü İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (212) 876 88 24 / +90 (541) 369 28 87
    Delivery Service : +90 (212) 876 07 07 / +90 (541) 369 28 87
  • Köşebaşı Cadde
    Köşebaşı Cadde opened in Spring 2010 on one of the most beautiful spots of İstanbul's famous Bagdat Street. The branch overlooks the Goztepe Park and has two exclusive floors and a spacious green garden.
    The relaxing atmosphere of this location and Köşebaşı's service quality and classical taste create a perfect setting particularly for private celebrations, lunches and dinners.
    Köşebaşı Cadde has an inside seating capacity of 150 people and an outside capacity of 140 people.
    This branch is open between 11:00 and 23:30 each day.
    Address: Bağdat Caddesi 235/1 Göztepe, Kadıköy, İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (216) 467 53 53
    Delivery Service : +90 (216) 386 66 68
  • Köşebaşı Galleria
    Köşebaşı Galleria opened its doors in Spring 2011 and is located at the front area of the Galleria Shopping Mall.
    The relaxing atmosphere of Köşebaşı Galleria and Köşebaşı's classical taste makes its guests like at home.
    Köşebaşı Galleria has an inside capacity of 100 people and an outside capacity of 200 people.
    Address: Galleria Shopping Mall, Ataköy Sahilyolu, Bakırköy İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (212) 560 98 88 / 0549 560 98 88
    Delivery Service: +90 (212) 559 88 88
  • Köşebaşı Laleli
    Köşebaşı Laleli opened its doors in October 2013 at Darkhill Hotel Laleli -Historical side of Istanbul- and offers the exclusive tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine at the historical atmosphere of its building with unique Marmara Sea view.
    Köşebaşı Laleli has a seating capacity of 300 guests.
    Köşebaşı Laleli is open between 11:30 and midnight each day.
    Address: Mimar Kemalettin Mah. Koca Ragıppaşa Cad. No:19, Laleli, İstanbul, Türkiye
    Telephone: +90 444 45 13
  • Köşebaşı Levent
    The first of all Köşebaşı restaurants, Köşebaşı Levent, opened its doors in 1995 in a villa with a beautiful silent garden. Since its first day, Köşebaşı Levent continues to take great attraction due to its close proximity to business and residential centers.
    The Levent branch has a seating capacity of 220 people with its wide front garden, spacious interior, famous fireside, and winter garden, where you can watch soccer matches live from Lig TV.
    Köşebaşı Levent is open between 12:00 and 23:00 each day.
    Address: Çamlık Sokak No:15 3.Levent, İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (212) 270 24 33
    Delivery Service: +90 (212) 270 70 70
  • Köşebaşı Maslak
    Köşebaşı Maslak opened in 2001 within the famous Mudo Concept store and serve in a setting specially designed for modern service concept.
    Köşebaşı Maslak has a seating capacity of 80 people and brings the classical taste of Köşebaşı to the surrounding business and residential area.
    Köşebaşı Maslak is open from 11:00 each day.
    This branch does not accept reservations for lunch service.
    Address: Eski Büyükdere Caddesi No:25 Mudo Concept içerisi Maslak, İstanbul
    Telephone : +90 (212) 285 40 40
    Delivery Service: +90 (212) 285 44 44
  • Köşebaşı Nişantaşı
    Coming Soon.
  • Köşebaşı Reina (Summer Season Only)
    Köşebaşı continues to take its place within Reina, which is located on one of the most beautiful spots on Bosphorus and celebrates the summer season together with the other best restaurants of the city.
    Köşebaşı Reina, like at all other Köşebaşı restaurants hosts many famous local and foreign celebrities. Leading businessmen, worldwide famous artists, sportsmen, journalists, actors and actresses, politicians, and investors prefer Köşebaşı Reina during the warm summer nights.
    Köşebaşı Reina is open between 19:00 and 02:00 during summer season.
    Address: Muallim Naci Caddesi No:44 Ortaköy, İstanbul
    Telephone: +90 (212) 258 06 83
  • Kosebasi Muscat CC
    Muscat City Center
    Al Khuwair - 136,Oman
    Main number: +968 2455 8522 / 2455 8986
  • Köşebaşı LeMarque
    Tel: 0138085180
    Address: Prince turkey street, Al Khobar
  • Köşebaşı Riviera
    The restaurant is a 2 level Kosebasi with the capacity of 186 seats opened for singles and families from 12 noon till 12:30 am and later on we will open for breakfast as well starting 9:00 am.
    Riviera is Al Ashreah St. Damam
  • Kosebaşı Resta Rose
    Adres: Riyadh, Al Izdihar District,
    Northern Ring Road, Exit 7
  • Köşebaşı Arabella
    Köşebaşı Arabella, 2015 yılının Ocak ayında kapılarını açtı. Kuveyt'te bulunan 3. Şube olma özelliğini taşıyan Köşebaşı Arabella, Kuveyt'in popüler bölgelerinden Bedaa'da bulunuyor.
    Kosebasi Arabella opened its doors in January 2015. Kosebasi Arabella is the 3rd branch in Kuwait located in all Bedaa area a very nice and top VIP place near the sea.
    Adres: Arabella Mall, AL BEDAA AREA
    Telefon: +(965) 2 227 01 68.
  • Köşebaşı Kuwait Cubes Mall
    Kuwait , Cubes Mall Salmiya area
    Tel :00965 22251303
  • Köşebaşı Express Anfa Place
    Depuis 1995, Kosebasi est la seule chaine offrant des plats traditionnels et des recettes originaires d'Antoli de Sud. Kosebasi a réussi à capturer ce gout traditionnel et à s'engager pour continuer à offrir non seulement un événement culturel mais aussi une introduction sur le style de vie Anatolien. Le premier restaurant Kosebasi a ouvert ses portes en 1995 à Istanbul Levent. Sa popularité croissante a mené à l'expansion internationale de Kosebasi. Kosebasi international: Istanbul – Ankara – Izmir – Bahrain – Dubai – Brazil – Pays-Bas – Arabie Saoudite – Maroc
    Adres: Anfa Place Shopping Centre, Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca 20000
    Tel: 05227-96744
  • Köşebaşı Bahrain Seef Mall
    Bahrain , Seef Mall Muharaq area
    Tel: 00973 17328932
  • Köşebaşı Bahrain
    Köşebaşı Bahrain opened its doors in November 2008 and is located at the restaurants area in the largest shopping centre in Bahrain. This branch has a seating capacity of 140 people and is open between 09:30 AM and 12:00 AM every day.
    Address: Bahrain City Centre – Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Road, Manama – Bahrain
    Telephone: +(973) 1717 2322
  • Kosebasi Baku
    Köşebaşı Baku opened in Spring 2013 on one of the most famous street of Baku's Hesenoglu.
    The relaxing atmosphere of this location and Köşebaşı's classical taste create a perfect setting particularly for private celebrations and dinners.
    Köşebaşı Baku has an inside seating capacity of 100 people.
    This branch is open between 12:00 and 23:00 each day.
    Address: Həsənoğlu Prospekti 15\A AZ1025 Baku - Azərbaycan
    Telephone: +99 412 564 85 00
  • Köşebaşı Jeddah
    Köşebaşı Jeddah opened its doors in August 2013 at Rawda Street. The branch is located in the heart of Jeddah
    The branch also has an Express concept with its quick service and take away.
    Köşebaşı Jeddah has a seating capacity of 300 persons and is open between 12:00 AM and 00:00 AM everyday.
    Address: Rawda Street, Jeddah - KSA
    Telephone: +(966) 2 611 2302
  • Köşebaşı Kuwait Grand Avenues
    Köşebaşı Kuwait Grand Avenues opened its doors in April 2013 at The Grand Avenues Mall in Kuwait. The branch is located along one of the best and popular location in Kuwait.
    Köşebaşı Kuwait Grand Avenus has a seating capacity of 110 persons and is open between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM everyday.
    Address: Level 1, Grand Avenues, Kuwait
    Telephone: +(965) 2220 0749
  • Köşebaşı Kuwait Tavern
    Köşebaşı Kuwait Tavern opened its doors in June 2014 at The Tavern Mall in Kuwait. The branch is located along one of the best and popular location in Kuwait.
    Köşebaşı Kuwait Tavern has a seating capacity of 150 persons and is open between 11:30 AM and 11:30 PM everyday.
    Address: Tavern Mall, Jabriya, Kuwait
    Telephone: +(965) 2531 0491
  • Köşebaşı Mirdif
    Köşebaşı opened its second restaurant in the UAE in May 2010 at Mirdif City Centre in Dubai.
    The new restaurant provides indoor seating for 40 people and in its first day of opening already proved to be a great success. For the shoppers on the go the new outlet also offers a take-away menu which includes all items from the regular menu, as well as Wrap Sandwiches and Combo Meals.
    The opening of the third Kosebasi in the Middle East marks a further step in the extensive expansion plan of Köşebaşı.
    Address: Mirdif City Centre Shopping Mall, Emirates Road, Mirdiff, UAE
    Telephone:+971 (4) 284 02 85
  • Köşebaşı Riyadh
    Köşebaşı Riyadh opened its doors in Autumn 2011 and is located on one of the liveliest streets in the heart of the city.
    This branch has a seating capacity of 140 people.
    Köşebaşı Riyadh is open between 12:00 and 00:00 each day.
    Address: Tahliah Street, Riyadh, KSA
    Telephone: +966 (1) 288 6418
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